News, Dragon Boat Challenge 2013

On YouTube: watch the teams in the 2013 Challenge (7-minute video)

Teams, Races and Results

  • Blazing Paddles - a group of friends (supporting RNLI)
  • K A Warriors - staff of K A Leisure
  • Irvine SubAquanauts - the Irvine Sub Aqua Club
  • Harbour Lights Headcases - regulars at the Harbour Lights (supporting Irvine Cancer Care)
  • Columba - Fullarton Church and St Mary's Church
  • Trades Winds - the Irvine Incorporated Trades (supporting local charities)
  • T S Argyll - Irvine Sea Cadets
  • Victim Supporters - Irvine Victim Support
  • Sainsbury's Slayers - staff of Sainsbury, Fullarton, Irvine (supporting Children First)
  • Toddles Away - staff and young people of The Meadows Children's Centre
  • Emergency Crewzers - staff of Crosshouse A&E and the Ambulance Service (supporting cancer care)
  • Go Greenwood - Greenwood Academy 5th year supporting Malcolm Sargent
  • The Braithwaite Crew - North Ayrshire Boys Brigade
  • Bank of Scotland Irvine - staff of the Irvine branch & friends (supporting Alzheimers Scotland)
  • Elegant Seagull - Ardrossan Sea Cadets
  • The Co-operators - Paisley Young Carers from The Carers Trust

Before the races - Blessing of Dragon Boats Ritual conducted by KAT O Chinese Community Association, to ensure the protection of participants in this event: a ritual at the slipway was followed by the passage of a dragon boat along the course.

Round 1 Lane 1 Time Lane 2 Time
Race 1 Blazing Paddles 01.36.46 K A Warriors 01.21.14
Race 2 Irvine SubAquanauts 01.14.00 Harbour Lights Headcases 01.19.06
Race 3 Trades Winds 01.28.63 Victim Supporters 01.33.65
Race 4 Sainsbury's Slayers 01.33.12 Toddles Away 01.17.06
Race 5 Emergency Crewzers 01.29.90 The Braithwaite Crew 01.31.78
Race 6 Bank of Scotland Irvine 01.42.34 The Co-operators 01.45.26
Race 7 Go Greenwood 01.18.56 T S Argyll 01.25.78
Race 8 Elegant Seagull 01.13.62 Columba 01.13.02
Round 2 Lane 1 Time Lane 2 Time
Race 9 K A Warriors 01.11.33 Irvine SubAquanauts 01.08.08
Race 10 Harbour Lights Headcases 01.12.02 Blazing Paddles 01.18.87
Race 11 Victim Supporters 01.14.05 Sainsbury's Slayers 01.11.46
Race 12 Toddles Away 01.10.06 Trades Winds 01.17.27
Race 13 The Braithwaite Crew 01.14.44 Bank of Scotland Irvine 01.23.37
Race 14 The Co-operators 01.23.96 Emergency Crewzers 01.11.82
Race 15 T S Argyll 01.10.40 Elegant Seagull 01.06.39
Race 16 Columba 01.05.07 Go Greenwood 01.13.37
Round 3 Lane 1 Time Lane 2 Time
Race 17 Blazing Paddles 01.11.14 Victim Supporters 01.18.03
Race 18 Trades Winds 01.13.63 K A Warriors 01.10.52
Race 19 Irvine SubAquanauts 01.09.59 Toddles Away 01.15.81
Race 20 Sainsbury's Slayers 01.13.20 Harbour Lights Headcases 01.12.13
Race 21 Emergency Crewzers 01.18.44 T S Argyll 01.19.95
Race 22 Go Greenwood 01.09.94 The Braithwaite Crew 01.14.87
Race 23 Bank of Scotland Irvine 01.28.26 Columba 01.09.98
Race 24 Elegant Seagull 01.09.65 The Co-operators 01.31.00

The 2013 Final

  • Lane 1, Irvine SubAquanauts: 1.16.02 (Irvine Sub Aqua Club)
  • Lane 2, Columba: 1.14.13 (joint Fullarton Church & St Mary's Church)
  • Lane 3, Go Greenwood: 1.16.71 (Greenwood Academy 5th year)
  • Lane 4, Elegant Seagull: 1.15.62 (Ardrossan Sea Cadets)


The 2013 Results

  • 1st - Columba - the winner of the 2013 Irvine Dragon Boats Challenge
    Dragon Challenge Winners
  • 2nd - Elegant Seagull
  • 3rd - Irvine SubAquanauts

Best dressed crew: Blazing Paddles

And the winners all round: the whole community enjoying an excellent event.

One team's comment

"Thanks for such a great day today - we thoroughly enjoyed it. Was such a well organised successful event".

One spectator's comment

"a great day of friendly community competition".

Another team's comment:

"My team can't wait for next year".


The 2013 prizes

Dragon Boat Events, the company which brings the boats and safety backing, provides an engraved trophy for the winning team and medals for the crews of those placed 1st, 2nd & 3rd.

The 'Irvine Herald' sponsored an additional 1st prize – a framed photo for each of the team – taken by their photographer.

Each of the 2nd team won a tasty supper as their extra prize. Enzo's Fish & Chips, a local award-winning business in the Fullarton area, gave each crew member a free supper of their choice - there was time to enjoy it between the awards ceremony and the Firework Display.

The team placed 3rd received a large box of chocolates. The best-dressed team won an extra £50 for the charity they supported - the RNLI.


The event is organised by the Rotary Club of Irvine Seagate, which meets on Monday evenings. The Event is provided by Dragon Boat Events Ltd who provide all the boats, the steersmen, and safety boats, as well as first aid and insurance cover.

Other events on the 2013 Fourth Port Festival day included

  • Open-air market from 10am
  • Junior 1 K Road Race at 10am
  • Senior 3 K Road Race at 11am
  • Launching of Dragon Boats at 12noon
  • Carters' Parade arrives at 12.45pm
  • Dragon Boat Races start at 1.30pm
  • Children's Races at 2.30pm
  • Harbourside Heritage Walk at 4pm
  • Irvine Beat FM Roadshow from 4.45pm
  • Festival of Light Parade at 9pm
  • Fireworks Display at 9.45pm
  • plus several others - see the full Marymass programme

and dragon boats elsewhere

  • at Dumfries (a Rotary-organised event, YouTube, 3:23)
  • at Leith (another Rotary-organised event, YouTube, 3:29)




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