Notes on Irvine Harbour, by ex-Provost John Paterson (1827-98), c.1880

From his notes, held by Irvine Burns Club, pages 116-137.
If quoting from this source, please credit ex-Provost John Paterson & Irvine Burns Club.

Bold is ours; Italics indicates where a word is in doubt; spellings are as in the original.
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The Harbour Trustees in 1896 were: the Magistrates, Town Council, Registered Convener of the
Trades, seven Shipowners annually chosen by Ship-owners, and four Traders annually chosen by
Qualified Traders [1896 Directory].


































<end of John Paterson's notes on the Harbour>

Transcription by Ian J Dickson, Irvine Burns Club, 2013

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Other sources for research include:

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reprinted 2001 by Heritage Books, Inc., Maryland, and partially accessible in Google Books,
also available in full at

The Muniments of the Royal Burgh of Irvine, digitised by Cornell University Library

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