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Linthouse Vennel, described by one of its residents (M.H.) as "probably the nicest street in harbourside with cobble street & big black anchor", was inadvertently overlooked. Therefore, it will be the first entry on this page, with photos and some background appearing on this page in August. For the moment, a couple of photos taken on a dull morning - sunnier ones will replace them - the gull came over specially to get its photo taken!
Also, Linthouse Vennel is unfortunately not named on the street map in the book or on the website map, so, though too late for the former, we intend to add it to the latter.



p.11: The Croft Inn is in Springside. (The mention of Dreghorn sneaked in because the 1885 Valuation Roll recorded "Croft Inn, by Dreghorn" since Springside is in Dreghorn parish.)


Your feedback

Comments have been favourable, as the book captures the vitality, colour, and history of the area.



Footnote: the Irvine Dragon Boat Challenge

The first-ever Dragon Boat Racing in the harbour attracted participants and spectators alike, in August 2013, and was repeated in 2014 and in 2015, again at the Fourth Port Festival during Marymass. Unfortunately, team numbers and a need for new organisers led to no Challenge in 2016. The positive is that over 3 years, about 500 different people raised approx. £25,000 for charity.
It's not a heritage item - ! - but without doubt one that drew attention to what the harbour has to offer.


Some photographs from the Marymass Fourth Port Festival in 2013. Click any photograph for the larger version.


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