Irvine Harbourside

the story of a busy harbour and its people

Research initiated by the 2012/17 Harbourside Heritage Project,
led by Irvine Burns Club, 
supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund,
with North Ayrshire Council and many local organisations

Irvine Harbourside celebrates the people and activities of the harbour, once centred on industry and today on leisure;
the website is about to be updated, but all the information, and more, will continue to be available.

Some highlights

Harbour St 34
Harbour St panorama
each building pictured

Take a virtual stroll along the street . . 

Irvine lifeboat
RNLI and Irvine
1861 to 1914

Two lifeboat sheds, a barometer, and the Sinclair family

Pilot House
Paterson: the harbour
telling the history . .

John Paterson's account of harbour history to c.1880 (above: the Pilot House)

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