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Our sources include the 1865, 1875, 1885, 1895, 1905, 1915, 1920, 1925 and 1930 Valuation Rolls, available online from late 2014 on the website Scotland's People; in the 1905 Roll, the standard abbreviation for the forename John was Jno, but we have used John above.

The Ayrshire Directory 1851 - Harbour St residents listed below.

Post Office General and Trades Directory for Irvine, 1896 (published by 'Irvine Herald') though the Irvine Burns Club President is wrongly named (reason not known).

North Ayrshire Directory 1935-37 (published by the Herald Press) pp.107-158.)




Info from the 1851 Directory, pp.218ff:

Available online, this Directory was the "first attempt at presenting so very full a List of the Inhabitants of a whole County".

While the Halfway was well populated, the directory lists only a few residents and businesses in the Quay area in 1851 (we include the five Boatstabs entries on our Gottries Rd page). The Harbour Branch of the railway was laid in 1845, and the main development of the harbour area was on the point of taking off. [The (b) presumably indicates a business.]

Anderson, William, coal-agent, Quay

Baird, James (b), limeburner, Quay of Irvine - his lime kiln, on the 1819 plan, lies where the water Sports Club is today, though the lime works shown in 1856 are set slightly to the south-west.

Boyd, Jas. (b), fisher, shore

Dickie, William (b), farmer, Quay

Milliken, Mrs, Quay of Irvine

Morton, John (b), coalmaster, Quay

Muir, Mrs Helen, Quay of Irvine

Murchie, P. (b), shipbuilder, building-yard

McCallum, John (b), spirit-dealer, Quay

McDougall, Duncan, anchor smith, Quay - see above at #1

Samson, Charles (b), shipowner and coal-agent, Quay of Irvine - during his short ownership of the shipyard, prior to that of Peter Murchie (above), he had built tea clippers (Strawhorn p.141)

Samson, Mrs., coal proprietor, Quay of Irvine - in 1842 Samson & Co were extracting coal at Shewalton colliery at a depth of 11 to 36 fathoms; the railway from that colliery passed through the current location of the Arts Centre to the 'Upper Wharf', shown on the 1856 OS map.

Wilson, James, Quay of Irvine



Already incorporated in the narrative above:

The 1895 Valuation Roll and 1896 Directory

listing Harbour St residents (using pre-1895 and 1896-c.1918 numbering):

Victoria Hotel: 1895: no.4: owned & occupied by John Templeton, hotelkeeper

6-10 (1895: owned by A M Samson, Janeville, Irvine) =
(1896) 4-12:
4 Kelly, Michael
Cunninghame, James
Young, Andrew
6 M'Cormick, John
8 Caldwell, Daniel, joiner
Christie, James
10 M'Farlane, Robert, pilot
Anderson, Alexander, pilot
Irvine, Robert, labourer
12 Hunter, Robert, baker
Kerr, James, contractor
Fletcher, Annie, Mrs (widow)

12 (1895: owned by heirs of David Dickie, per James Dickie, solicitor)= (1896) 14
Brown, Robert, senr., engineer
Brown, Robert, jr., engineer
Brown, Robert (another), engineer
Brown, John, engineman
Brown, Henry, engineer
Brown, Samuel, engineer

Garnockview: Hall, Robert (not in 1895 valuation!)
Maryville: Curle, Robert (see #18 for 1895 valuation!)

14 (owned by Charles ?Meney?, Eglinton St) = 20: Emerald Bank Cottage: Allan, William, ironforger


16 (owned by A M Samson, Janeville) = (1896) 22
Christie, John, joiner
M'Kie, John, labourer
Thomson, Jane, Miss, spinster
Walton, James, sawyer

18 (1895: owned and occupied by Mrs Agnes Milligan, with 1895 tenants Joseph McCubbin, labourer, and Robert Curle, engineer; Mrs M., widow of Wiilliam Milligan, fisherman, died , aged 67, on 30/12/1895 at 24 Harbour St.) = (1896) 24
Barr, Robert
Walker, William
M'Cubbin, Joseph, labourer
Philips, John

20 = 26 Sinclair, Duncan, junr., fisher
Sinclair, David, junr., fisher
Sinclair, Alexander, fisher
Sinclair, Peter
More, William, labourer

22 = 28 Sinclair, Duncan, senr, fisher
Sinclair, David

24 = 30 Inglis, John, furnaceman
Boyd, John, senr., fisher (owner)
Boyd, John, junr., fisher
Boyd, Jas., fisher
also (1895) Boyd, Robert, engineer

26 (1895: owned by heirs of Elizabeth Boyd per John Boyd at 24 H. St.) = (1896) 32
M'Murtrie, Alexander, master mariner
Muir, Alexander, engineer
Beveridge, Henry, trimmer
Gardiner (/Gardner), William, Mrs, widow
also (1895) James Dyet, night watchman, and
Campbell, Susan, Mrs, widow

30-34 (1895: 'dwelling house and 'shop'owned by William Kelly, Publican, 34 H.St.) = (1896) 34-42:
34 Wilson, Mrs
36 Mitchell, Andrew, chemical worker
M'Lauchlan, Mrs
M'Lean, Alexander, fisher
Wilson, Alexander, chemical worker
38 Bicker, Mungo, chemical worker
Irvine, John, chemical worker
38-42 Kelly, Wm., publican
Mooney, John, bricklayer
Olsen, Lorens E., Mrs
also (1895) Charles McKinnon, railway worker


36-38 (1895: 'Restaurant & dwelling house' owned & occupied by William Nisbet, innkeeper) = (1896) 44-46 Nisbet, Wm., innkeeper

40-42 (1895: 'Post Office & dwelling house; at #40: Marion Orr, grocer) = 48-52 (1896 at #48:) Orr, Wm.
50 Smith, Wm.
Scullion, Chas.
Savage, Samuel, labourer
Dawson, Wm., cooper
Murray, Wm.
52 Brooks, James, joiner

44 (=54) owned by William Nisbet, tenanted & occupied by John Hamilton, labourer, and Mrs Margaret Smith

46 (=54) 'shop' owned & occupied by William Nisbet, grocer.
54 Bain, Murdoch
48 (owned & occupied by Boyd, Martin, Harbour Master, of 118 Harbour St.) = 56 Boyd, Martin

50-52 (#52 'shop and dwelling-house', owned 1895 by the Trustees of the late James Steven)

1895: #50&52: Samuel McLearie, clerk
52 (1895: also:) John Thomson, bricklayer = 58 Thomson, Mrs
Blair, Alexander, fisher
Waddell, William., fisher
60 M'Learie, Samuel
66 Orr, Misses
56 (owned & occupied by Ebenezer Bannatyne, tenanted by Edward Ellis, plumber, Marion Orr, grocer, and William Wilson) = 68 Wilson, William, engineer
Bannatyne, Ebenezer, ship carpenter
58 = 68-70 Bimson, Thomas, ship master

At this point the valuation roll records the Lime Works (currently unlet) and the land tenanted by the Royal Burgh, the whole owned by the Trustees of Robert Kenneth per James Kenneth, Coal Master, Kilwinning


60-64 (= 72-76): owned by Mrs Jean McBride per Robert Yule, joiner, Bridgend, Irvine, her 31(!!) tenants being as in the 1896 directory, plus Isaac Hawkshaw (chem. worker), Thomas McDonald (chem. worker), Henry Houston (engine keeper), Mrs Agnes Mitchell or Kerr, Peter Anderson (seaman), William Whiteside (labourer), Robert Nisbet (labourer), John Bicker (fisher), Mrs Alexander Lawrie, James Barrow (plumber), Gavin Wilson (clerk), Alexander Anderson (fisher), James Jaffrey (master of dredger), Isaac Waddell (fisher), Robert Meldrum (chem. worker), William Cousar (chem. worker), Hugh Elliot (chem. worker)

72 Clelland, William, seaman
Paton, John, chemical worker
Sinclair, Peter, sen., fisher
Sinclair, Peter, jun.
Buchanan, Richard (not in 1895)
74 M'Bride, Mrs
Murray, John, seaman
M'Bride, William, fisher
76 Crawford, Mrs
Bicker, Mrs Mungo
Whiteside, Theophilus, chemical worker (1935: at #116 Mont. St.)
Jamieson, John, seaman
Beaton, Walter, fisher
Elliot, William, chemical worker
Lowrie, Samuel, labourer

68 Anchor Tavern (owned by the Trustees of Charles Samson) tenanted by William Conville, publican =
78-80 Conville, Wm.

66 & 70 (same ownership) incl. Daniel Paterson snr & jnr = 82 Paterson, Daniel, fisher
Bamford, Samuel, coal trader

No number (house owned jointly by Miss M R Mure & Miss H J Mure of Perceton) = 84 Duncan, George

72 ('Public house' owned & occupied by Alexander Dyet, publican) =
Dyet, Alex.
(owned by John Walker, grain merchant, Kilbirnie) = 90-92
90 Watt, Hugh, & Sons, ship builders
92 Robert F Longmuir Bros., ship builders

94 Andrew, Jas.
100 M'Neilly, Thos.
102 King, Mrs
King, Hugh
Elliot, Robert
Black, George
Black, James
Barr, Robert
Boyd, John
Stafford, John
M'Garie, Matthew
104 M'Callum, Thomas
106-108 Dunlop, Wm.
Downs, Joseph
110 Yuille, Robert
112 Paton, Alex. & Son
114 Bicker, Daniel
Crawford, W. J.
114 M'Kinnon, John
Lamb, Lawrence
Gray, Andrew
M'Kinnon, Neil
Anderson, Alex.
Lamb, David
Fletcher, Nicol B.
116 Do.
118 Fletcher, Jas.
Thomson, Wm.
Beattie, John
Barr, Mrs J.
124 M'Murtrie, Capt. William
130 Sinclair, Duncan, jr.
Murray, Mrs
132 Armstrong, Joseph
Lamb, Duncan
134 Smith, J. & Son
Crawford, Wm. & Son
Gillies, Jas.
Guthrie, A. & J.
Brown, James
M'Kinnon, Donald
136 M'Callum, Duncan
Murray, John
M'Dowall, Andrew
138 Harbour Office Martin Boyd
Custom House William Dougall


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